Skin Care Tips

Skin Care tips

By Jim Sidhu

Skin is the largest organ of our body. It acts as a shield to protect us from the various outside forces and UV radiations of the sun. Hence, it becomes mandatory for us to protect it from the various skin ailments that it confronts due to the bad habits that we adopt knowingly or unknowingly. The skin problems may stretch from the breakouts, pimples, acne, dark spots, blemishes to skin cancer to name a few. This article will shed light on the bad and good habits elaborating the causes and measures to be taken.


1. Touching face: Some of us have habit of continuously touching our face. As a result our skin becomes prone to spreading of bacteria and worsening the scenario.

2. Popping pimples: Whenever a pimple appears on the face, we start picking up the pimple which is other bad habit that many of us have. Even I inculcate this habit and as a result dark spots are left on the face which take ages to vanish.

3. Unhygienic Clothes: Sometimes we share our fabric such as clothes, towels and bed sheets which is a bad habit. Do you know a bed sheet contains far more bacteria than a toilet seat. Imagine sleeping with so much of bacteria everyday.

4. Excessive use of commercial products:  There are a lot of commercial products available in the market packet with chemicals. These products help our skin to come in contact with the heinous chemicals such as sulphur, parabens, mineral oils which are very bad for us in the long run.

5. Eating habits: Consumption of the excessive oily and fried food is possessed by most of us. This habit not only steals the natural glow from the skin but results in humongous  health diseases such as obesity, heart diseases and many more. Avoid using the packaged food, sugar, excess salt in your diet.

6. Washing of face: Though washing of face is a good habit but excessively washing the face is a bad one. This is because it dries up the skin resulting in the skin to secrete excessive oil. This is from where the whole problem begins.

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1. Avoid touching face: Inculcate the habit of not touching your face. This is because our hands come in contact with various things everyday and thus making making our skin prone to multifarious ailments. Giving up the habit will borne us good results.

2. Avoid picking up pimples: One pimple may result in other pimples by the water and puss secreted by it whenever it is popped. Stay calm and leave it as it to heal on its own.

3. Wash fabrics often: Avoid sharing your towel, bed sheets and other personal belongings with others otherwise you will become contagious to various skin problems. Make sure to wash them once in  a week.

4. Use of herbal products: Try and use the herbal products rather than the commercial ones. Ensure that the herbal products should be genuinely herbal not just claimed to be ones. The chemicals present in the commercial products are powerful enough to penetrate in the bloodline causing deadly diseases.

5. Eating healthy: It is rightly said your body reflects what you feed it. Cleanse your body from within by eating voluminous green vegetables and seasonal fruits. Eat dry fruits, cereals, proteins, pulses and the food items directly extracted from the mother nature.

6. Keep hydrated: Drink lots and lots of water. Water helps in flushing the toxins out of you body making it clean. You may also treat your body with the juices, herbal tea, milk, soups and smoothies. Try to drink at least 10 glasses of water everyday.

7. Exercise regularly: Become patriotic towards doing exercise. It enables to open pores and secrete the sweat from the body releasing all the toxic chemicals from the body. It promotes the blood circulation in the body giving a natural glow to skin.

8. Live stress free: Try to avoid negative people and  negative thoughts. They generate stress and cause hormonal imbalance in body causing skin problems, instead invest that time in something productive such as doing exercise, yoga or reading.

9. Use DIY face masks: Use home made face masks to give natural treatment to your skin and enhance the beauty. To know more about these face masks read the previous post.

These are some of the measures that must be taken in order to take proper care of your skin and lock the natural radiance. Maintain your hygiene and beauty regime.

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